Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOST!BUSTERS!

On an earlier post, I mentioned how much we love the gigantic trees that line our yard.  They offer shade and beauty for several months of the year and I love them.  I love them until, oh say... the end of October.  This is when my feelings towards our tall beauties turn to resentment and frustration.  I sweep off my porch almost everyday and every morning when I go outside it is covered.  I rake my yard several times a week only to find that my lawn is covered in another 4 inch blanket of leaves!  Last year we took like 5 truckloads to the dump and 90% of the time I take something out of Pearl's mouth, she is gagging on a leaf that has been tracked into my house.  
Okay enough of Negative Nelly.  On a more positive note, they make for some pretty cute pictures.  So to take advantage of our leaf infestation, Pearl had a little fall photo shoot with me in the leaves.  
Free Leaves!

She loves them.

Millie has worked out quite the leaf regimen.
ONE: Starts touching the fire hydrant running towards the swing.
 TWO: Mounts swing.
 THREE: Makes a jump for it.
FOUR: Play dead and repeat steps 1-4.

I guess they can be pretty fun.
Except I had to call in the help of a dang Ghostbuster to clean them up.

 Brutus didn't like that one bit.


Mindy said…
I love all of those pics! Danny really does look like he's wearing a proton pack.
Sydney said…
I also love the pictures! They are so cute of Pearl and Millie playing in the leaves! Your yard looks gorgeous and Danny looks like a total ghostbuster. (Spenkman I think)
Jamie said…
I love BRUTUS..okay the girls are pretty dang cute too!

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