Monday, November 5, 2012

82 and Awesome.

Grandma Phyl Phyl turns 82 today! I know everyone thinks their grandma is amazing but she really is amazing.  She is always on the move whether it's going out with her friends, D.U.P meetings (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers), book club, exercising, working at the temple or going to her grandkid's ball games she is one busy lady!  We went to Yellowstone this Summer and she not only kept up but was leading the way! She is a very sweet lady with an amazing testimony of our church.  She is a great example to those around her and we love her so much!

We had a little birthday party for her last night at my parent's house.
 I tried to make cute cupcakes, but my decorating skills are subpar.  Some letter "Ps" were cuter than others.
I guess my sign making skills would be labeled as Subpar as well.

Cher made an awesome cake for the 82 year old that seems more like she's 28!

Ricker and Cher made an excellent dinner but her only request was Mindy's Caramel popcorn.  She took an awesome plate of it home with her.
But why shouldn't she?  When you're 82 and awesome who's gonna try and stop you?
Happy Birthday Grandma!


meg bird said...

I love your family parties! And your grandma makes me feel really lazy haha. What an amazing woman.

cheryl said...

Thanks for posting on the most awesome lady I know! It's hard to even do her justice. She is AMAZING! As I was trying to get some long awaited yard work done yesterday, she came to mind. How come I can't keep up with my sweet 82 year old mother-in-law? I must not be eating enough caramel popcorn!

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