Sushi Night, That's Right!

The Elder home enjoyed another Sushi night.  Our sticky rice turned out better than it ever has. YUM.

I LOVE lemon in my rolls.
We don't discriminate against sushi haters.  Every sushi night we've ever done, a Little Caesar's Hot N'Ready has also been present.
P.S. I know that if you have Facebook a lot of my blog seems like a boring week later repeat but I'm going to print it off into a book for our fam so it's kinda necessary:)

The Nori wasn't quite tight enough on this roll, but it still tasted really good.

That Ding Dong is about to be history.  Pun intended.
Danny enjoying a delicious Ginger Beer.
We're definitely still beginners but it makes for a really fun night.


Alyosha said…
Oh my GOSH! Michelle's hair! It's gorgeous. I also love lemon with my rolls.
meg bird said…
Lemon is the best! And now I'm craving sushi. Looks great, you guys have skills.
Anonymous said…
oh yum! I want to make homemade sushi! Your blog is awesome.

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