Friday, November 16, 2012

Tales From the Crib

This cute little chunk just turned 10 months old.  She gets more personality everyday.
One of the best parts of my day is getting her out of her crib in the morning.  She is smiley, warm and cuddly.  Even if she only cuddles me for about 3 seconds, I'll take what I can get.
I love her messy bed head.
 "I've been in here for 13 hours.  Get me out!"
Yes she is still sleeping between 12-14 hours every night.  
 She climbed on this so I had to take a pic.
She is still a really happy little thing.  She loves to laugh and thinks that the lamest stuff is hilarious, she is definitely my daughter.  I actually think she gets in these moods where she laughs at every little thing just like me.  Mother and daughter will be annoying Rox in no time:)
 I'm not sure if this is premature or not, but recently she has learned to throw small tantrums.  She juts out her jaw, shakes her clenched fists and grunts until you give her what she wants which is usually gummy worm or some form of food.  It is actually a pretty comical thing to witness, she looks like she is going to pop or something.
P.S. She refuses to eat baby food now.  Between Ricker sneaking her Twinkies and Danny giving her what ever sugary substance he can sneak, why would she?
She does eat some healthy stuff, I promise. Her new favorite food is avocados.  Well, avocados and Twinkies.

 This month she has also started walking!  It is so fun to watch her stumble around.
 Most of her walking ends in a tumble but she gets right back up.
 She insists on staying on her toes though!
 The zoom in of her square feet.
 She usually only takes about 5-6 steps and then falls.  Her record is 10.  She has walked across her room a couple of times.
I love how happy and proud of herself she gets when she walks.

We have what seems to be the start of a beautiful mullet on our hands.
We like to keep it classy.
Her love for books is apparent.
She still puts EVERTHING in her mouth.
Lately her sounds have seemed more advanced if that even makes sense.  I swear that babies really do speak their own language.  She doesn't only say "ba ba, ma ma" anymore.  She is constantly speaking what sounds like a language spoken by a Star Wars character or something.   Her favorite sound today was, "Bijja, bugga, bijja."  She already has the cutest voice I've ever heard.

We just love the Pearl Girl.

P.S. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby??


Mindy said...

This is such a cute post! I love Pearlie Girl, her toes and her mullet are awesome!

Lauren said...

I just love this baby! This is super cute.

chelsea said...

She is too cute! Syd and I had a convo this week about how adorable she is. I was wearing pearl earrings this week and was teaching Evie how to say 'pearl'. She'll be ready to meet her BF cousin next time she sees you guys:)

Sydney said...

Haha! Don't worry, ev eats ice cream for dinner on a regular basis- we are just really good moms rach! This post is adorable! I can't believe pearl is walking! The toe thing is so cute! And the mullet only means one thing... That pearl is a party animal! Love it!

Alyosha said...

I am dying over that picture of her up on her toes. Ridiculously cute.

meg bird said...

She's so big now! It's kind of funny how I'm saying that and have never even seen her. Such a sweet baby!

Rachey Elder said...

I love that Pearl, she is so cute and funny! I love her on her square toes. it's almost like built in pointe shoes. This is your Mom, you are signed in on my computer.

Rachey Elder said...

I love that Pearl, she is so cute and funny! I love her on her square toes. it's almost like built in pointe shoes. This is your Mom, you are signed in on my computer.


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