Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lil' Mama is Spicy!

Yes we finally got our Turkey Jerky back.
97 pounds of Turkey Jerky. If you missed that whole story you can play catch up here.

Ford's Meat Processing handled all of our jerky. They did/do a great job, but from a Public Relations stand point I seriously want to help them with just a few things that would make them seem a bit more appealing to the general public.  To give people a feel for Ford's, I would have to pull a few scenes from one of the "Saw" horror movies.
It's a maze down sketchy hallways and staircases.
"What that mell?"
The partners in crime.
It's Antonio!
As Antonio was loading the jerky into the car I tried, as sneakily as possible, to get a pic of his hand. I should pretty much go into investigative journalism huh?

I was successful but then he was wearing gloves! Dang. Speaking of which, how do gloves work if you only have 7 fingers?  Also, it might've been the wrong hand.  Maybe no on the investigative journalism.
Pearl already loves jerky.  She would suck on it all day if I let her.

On the drive home while eating a peice of jerky Millie says, "I'm eating Lil' Mama and she's spicy!"  Lil mama was what Millie called the smallest turkey in the group.  At least she has no trouble eating animals she has been in close quarters with or even named.

This week I told Millie, "You are just getting so big." She shreiked back, "No Wachel, don't eat me!!"  I guess she figured when things (turkeys, pigs) get big enough around the Smart and Elder homes we just eat them.  That or when chubby aunt Rachel gets hungry move out the way.

Roman did an awesome job on the labels.  My favorite part is, "Fattened on Zinnias and Peppers."  The turkeys seriously wreaked havoc on my paren'ts gardens.

But seriously the fruits of their labor... YUM.
As if we hadn't had our fill of turkeys.  We made this cute little gratitude turkey this week.  A few things Millie is thankful for: Mom, dad, cousins, Kashi, Pearl and Brutus, Pop Tarts, Dinosaurs, Preschool and Miss Misti.  I asked why I wasn't on the list and she said because I'm the turkey.  Is it just me or is Millie is giving very subtle hints about her true feelings towards me?
So for now the whole fam (and some lucky others) are enjoying Ricker and Cher's hard work and sacrifice.  It is seriously the best jerky ever.  So good I have eaten it for breakfast the last two days.  We also have several smoked turkeys coming our way for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.
 Bring on the cranberry sauce Yo.


Sarah said...

I laughed through this whole post. I can't wait to start Vi on some of that jerky.

Janeal said...

Oh sweet goodness that looks delicious. I would take some of that off your hands for the right price... :)

Grandma Cher said...

Rachel even though I am a witness to this whole saga and can swear to it's truthfulness, I could not stop laughing. Thanks!

Heather Magill said...

this is the best post. Your family is so american! I love that your moms an antique wiz and your dad kills turkeys on a regular basis. AMERICAN AWARD GOES TO: the Smarts. :) love you guys!


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