Sausage Fest

Last night we went to the Annual Sausage Fest Danny's brother Rick throws every year.
It was so fun!
Bratwursts Galore:)

This was Pearl's 1st Sausage Fest!  She was totally the life of the party and was passed around like the little sausage she is.
It was a beautiful night for a BBQ.
Our little fam had such a great time.  It's weird that at the last Sausage Fest I was pregnant, but didn't know yet!  I'm glad I'm not pregnant this year, it was much funner with Pearlie.

Rick James and Pearl Girl
Ry and Steph
Aunt Rae and Pearl
Rox and I with our Mini Me's
Afterwards we roasted S'mores.
My sweet friend Karlee and I,  who I haven't seen forever!
Cary was by far Millie's favorite person at the party.  Cary is so good with kids and Millie loved him.
He was sure to send her home with a big bag of treats.  I don't know why I was surprised when Millie remembered where the treat drawer was in their kitchen from LAST year's Sausage Fest.

That is a handsome daddy right therrr.
Millie loved the party and even though she was about 20 years younger than the other guests, she made several friends.
The poor girl can't catch a break and probably never will.  Doesn't she look stoked to be getting malled?
The handsome Bros

Cheers to another awesome Sausage Fest!
I love my little sausage!


Lauren said…
Haha I love how in the picture with RicK James, Pearl is eyeing that dog!
Roman said…
Mini-yous is right, I don't know which one looks most like her mother. BTW --Worst post ever for a fast sunday.
Rachey Elder said…
Looks like a fun and fattening night. The perfect combination. I love the "little sausage" Pearl too!
Sydney said…
I can't get over how great you look after just having Pearl! Also, Pearl is the most delicious sausage I've ever seen! Those cheeks -I die just looking at them.
sheila said…
Love the mini-mes photo. Four adorable ladies!
Rangi said…
Great tradition. How do I get an invite?

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