Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Escape Artist

While working in the yard I usually keep Pearl in her car seat so I can keep an eye on her and to keep her chubby white body from the sun. 

*FACT: Red heads get burned in less than 5 minutes.* 

But apparently this little girl has plans of her own and is going places! 
She can now get completely out of her car seat in literally less than 10 seconds,  but has yet to rollover.  Danny blames this on her  Elder ghetto booty.  (Little does Danny know Pearl didn't have a prayer to inherit a small booty or small appetite with Smart genes either.) We think this cute ghetto booty also contributes to escaping the seat so fast.   

In the car seat escape, gravity is on her side.  
Pearl, the Escape Artist.  


Sydney said...

Hahahaha. Her thighs are so delicious. I love her chub!

K_Williams said...

I love how in both pictures she has a HUGE smile! It's like she is saying "look what i did all by myself mommy!" She is so stinking cute!! I love chubby babies!


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