Big Pig

So I took Millie to see some animals today. There were goats, horses, chickens and a really big pig that she creatively named, "Big Pig." She was timid at first but quickly grew to love him. She wanted to feed him the only thing we had with us, Diet Coke, and I told her he ate fruits and vegetables. She asked, "Wachel, can we go home and get some bech-ta-puls to feed Big Pig? Like some carrots? Big Pig will love carrots. I will feed carrots to Big Pig AND Danny!" I'm not sure how Danny would feel about being categorized as livestock, but it made me laugh. I told her after nap time we could go feed Big Pig then maybe Danny too when he got off work. 
I love having some leverage over such a powerful 3 year old. Even if it means letting her, "feed" my husband.

Bribery and Blue Slushies. I call it "Peer"enting.


Grandma Cher said…
Wish blue slushies worked for potty training!!!
Jamie said…
Rad! AND so FUNNY!

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