Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's May and I'm so excited!  So many good things in the month of May.  I rarely call it May anymore.  What I refer to as Birthday Month, Roxanne and Danny refer to as a Nightmare that lasts a month.  I partially blame my sweet parents for always making such a big deal out of our Birthdays.  They have a big Birthday Dinner for each child every year and we get to pick the menu.  Since everything they cook is gourmet it doesn't really matter but it's still a fun tradition I want to carry on in my Family. Truthfully, even though I'm not 10 anymore,  I still love my birthday.  It just never seems to last long enough.  I started extending the birthday celebration over the weekend, then it progressed to a week long party and pretty soon Birthday Month was born.  Why not celebrate the whole month?

An example of why Danny and Roxanne hate Birthday Month.

Danny: Where should we eat tonight?
Roxanne: Olive Garden sounds good.
Danny: I think that BBQ place does too.
Danny: We ate there last night...
Me: Aw, but it's Birthday Month!
Roxanne:  Rachel you are so annoying.

(We drive to Chuck-A-Rama, where I proceed to gain 10 lbs.)

I may sound selfish but I encourage others to celebrate their Birthday Month as well.  If you've never experienced this, try it out next Birthday.  You'll need patient friends, but I can guarantee results.

Along with my Birthday we have several others in this Beautiful Month! Starting off with a very festive Rangi De Mayo on the 4th, Millie on the 14th, Stephanie's on the 24th, Michelle on the 27th and Heather on the 31st!

This will be Pearl's 1st Sausage Fest AND Cinco De Mayo!

I'm also excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day!  I love my little Pearlie so much and am so lucky to be a mom:)

The real reason for this post is something that won't happen til August, the Hobble Creek Half Marathon.  The sign ups were this morning May 1st!  Cher, Rox and I are planning a three way tie for 1st place.  Or maybe they've never heard this plan?  Realistically, I'll need all of your prayers so I can even finish the dang thing!  But I am really excited.  I ran this race a couple years ago and loved it.  It's a beautiful race through the South fork of Hobble Creek Canyon.  Pretty scared, but pretty excited!

Now, I can only help but wonder if Danny and Roxanne exchanged text messages this morning with something along the lines of, "MAY DAY!!! MAY DAY!!!" I'm sure out of pure excitement.

May, Birthday Month, is a good Month.  : )


KFord.Squared said...

Yay for May! I celebrate birthday Months also. And how exciting you get to celebrate your first Mothers Day. I am going to JUST miss it by a couple months! Happy happy May to you!

Sydney said...

You deserve Birthday month. As does everyone (at least everyone in the Smart family). May is a great month to have a bday too. Also, you are amazing for running a half marathon so soon after having pearl! WOW! And please wear the fat suit when you run. It will make the real fatties feel less horrible when you beat them to a pulp.

Mindy said...

Sausage Fest, SICK! I haven't heard of this, but I guarantee if Beetle has, he is looking forward to it. Happy Birthday month! May is a great month for a birthday. When I think of your birthday, I think of your pink bug. You were so happy :)

Lauren said...

You'll do great! Maybe I'll run that one too!

Rangi said...

Good luck in the race. You are going to smoke Mom and Roxanne, or at least Roxanne. Just Kidding Rox. And Happy Birthday month to both of us.


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