Saturday, May 5, 2012

Iris Festival

 Many of you have heard of the Tulip Festival that happens every April at Thanksgiving Point.  Danny and I actually got engaged there, pretty awesome:)  Anyways, it consists of millions of tulips all different colors and sizes.  We have begun our own sort of festival... The Iris Festival.  I would have to say 96% of my flower beds are filled with Irises.  We have all different colors and sizes.  I actually used to love these Irises before we owned this house.  I even took some photos of them about two years before we bought it... weird huh?  I spoke with a sweet lady who grew up in this house and she said these Irises have been in the flower beds for over 60 years and have continued to thrive and spread.  Thrive they have.... they have pretty much taken over everything.  So for the next 10 days or so, my gardens will be beautiful.  Beautiful and chuck full of an Iris Jungle.
I'm thinking about charging admission?


Grandma Cher said...

Iris are old fashioned. I guess that is why I love them. I still want to get a start of your periwinkle ones.

Alea said...

Your house just suits you so well. :) I love the irises!


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