Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On Cinco De Mayo we headed down to the Mexican Fiesta in Provo.  
It was a Mexican themed Carnival.  There were several rides, a mariachi band, some awesome food stands and of course Mexicans!
It was a warmer Cinco De Mayo than previous years.
Millie is not into smiling for the camera anymore.  Instead she makes weird faces.  Weird faces and she still looks stinkin' cute!
It was fun watching Millie ride a few different rides.  She didn't smile once! She looked more nervous than anything, but she said she had fun:) 
One of these things is not like the others.  At this Fiesta, Millie's white hair stood out a little. 
Danny in heaven drinking a delicious Mexican Coke.

Ricker feeding Cher one crazy hot pepper.  Then he decided he wanted to try some. He almost ate the whole thing and then couldn't stop crying/coughing/laughing/swearing for the next hour.

Roman and Michelle enjoying the fiesta.  Baby Bay and Pearl were both in their car seats taking a siesta.

Millie was in heaven with the cotton candy and giant churros.
We missed having our Annual Fiesta at the Smart house but it was a lot cheaper with no clean up!  I would definitely recommend the Fiesta in Provo to anyone.

There was a ton of good grub there. We LOVED the tacos!  They were super authentic and super delicious.
We also loved the chili mangos:)  Why don't American carnivals have food like this?  I mean I love a Carnie corn dog as much as the next red neck but this Mexican food was seriously so good.  All of it!
Happy belated Cinco De Mayo!


Batash said...

You have actually made me want to start celebrating that holiday... and trust me no one has been able to do it before!
Also thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog... You're too kind to me! haha.

Grandma Cher said...

That was a really fun Cinco de Mayo celebration. I couldn't agree more about how nice it was to have no clean up. And the food was really good too. Millie really gets into the cotton candy!

Jamie said...

You are RAD! I am not sure you can find a more fun family then the Smarts! You guys are always up for a good time :)

Janeal said...

How did I never know about this?? Amazing. I love festivals. And the only time I've ever celebrated Cinco de Mayo was with you guys, but I bet this would be fun!
P.S. Millie is aaaaaadorable.
P.P.S. are you the "friend" that wants to cut her hair? ;)


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