New Year's Rancho Cucamonga Style

 Our New Year's Eve morning began at the preview of the Rose Parade floats.  We didn't get to see as many floats as we would've liked, but what we did see was impressive.  My favorite flower is a rose, I know boring, but I was in Rose heaven.  There was such a variety of roses, and every other flower, making the air smell fresh and delicious!  Every part of the floats had to be made of some living thing, like seeds, flowers, fruits, ect.  It was pretty amazing what they could build!

These soldiers were made out of strips of cacti.

 Pearl was pretty excited to get out of her stroller and explore this thing called, "grass" she hasn't seen in months.

As you can see it was definitely time for her nap, but she mustered the strength to eat a few more marshies.
 The weather was beautiful and I loved spending time with my little buddies!
 After we got back to Rangi's house, a little jump roping took place.
 Rigdon has been warned that I will definitely blackmail him with this photo someday.

 Later that night, Rangi and Sara fixed us a deluxe meal with all of the good stuff.

 Prime rib, King crab legs, roasted asparagus and red potatoes served with Martinelli's and Pellegrino.
Pie for dessert.  Yeah, it was awesome.
 Princess Jillian and I.

 After dinner we played games.  My favorites were the newly introduced, "31" and Dance Dance Revolution.
 We banged pots and pans to ring in the New Year.
 Happy New Year!
 And did some fireworks, risking the $5,000 fine and possible jail sentence... worth it.

 2012 was an awesome year, can't wait to see what 2013 brings!
The only thing that could have made my New Year's Eve better would've been a New Year's kiss from Danny dang it! 
P.S.  Millie is a wild woman and this is seriously the only picture I got of her all night!  She had no problem staying up til midnight... or 3 a.m. for that matter.


Grandma Cher said…
This post put such a smile on my face remembering how fun and warm we were. That was such a Great time! Thanks so much for being such a trooper of chauffeur. We'd probably still be in Beaver if not for you, but next time Danny better come.
meg bird said…
Rach you are so pretty! And this looks like a ton of fun. haha Pearl and her marshmallows.
Anonymous said…
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Sydney said…
So Nick worked the rose parade practically all is life and the first time I went I was AMAZED! The fact that they can do so much with flowers is so cool. Plus I love to judge all the pageant gowns of all the "Rose Queens." Ev hated grass for a long time too, but let me tell you, she is also a marshmallow lover. She stuffs them in her mouth like Jo-Jo the Indian circus boy. Aaaaand that dinner looked delicious! Next time I'm in Cali I'm stopping by Rang and Sara's to have a taste!

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