Christmas with the Smarts

Christmas morning with the Smart's started out with us wheeling this bad boy over to my parent's house so Cher could surprise Ricker.  A new smoker! He was excited.  And now my belly is excited.

We had so much fun with the whole fam, excluding Rangi & Co.
It was so much fun especially having our Thailand cousins in town and only a block away!

We all enjoyed looking through, "The Book."  Every year Rocky and Sarah make a book of pictures of the whole family for my parents.  It's always fun to look at on Christmas morning.
We enjoyed the cozy fireplace.
And I enjoyed this amazing coffee table book about Frenchies!  Thanks Rox!
Speaking of books, Ricker and Cher gave us these awesome bound books with crisp brand new ones inside.  They are such a fun gift and I was so excited to get mine!
We opened gifts together.

And we ate a delicious breakfast together.

Thanks Ricker and Cher for the awesome meal!

Pearl couldn't get enough of Rocky... or was it that furry Thailand blanket? 
Ricker got the Mucklucks he's been wanting for so long.
The Fearsome Foursome in their matching pajamas Grandma Cher made.  Cute!
I don't know if you can read, but Cher stitched a different word on the front of them.
They all looked so dang cute.
And a Christmas hug for Kashi.

The Danny Elder Family on Christmas Morning 2012. 

Roxanne loved her vintage jewelry box that plays Beatle's music!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas !


Lilian said…
Does the fireplace actually work?! there are so many things i want to say but this seemed most important, our entire lives we have been fighting over the heater vent under the couch when the fireplace works?!
Grandma Cher said…
Thanks for the post. it was a fun Christmas! The last picture of Pearl pretty much sums up how I felt about it! I feel bad Lily didn't ever see the fireplace on over all the years. Since that one takes natural gas it hasn't been used very much.

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