Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Pearl, NOT Paul.

I know this outfit is a bit over the top, pearls, pink lace, leopard, ruffles and ribbon... but I love it.  When I was first pregnant I wanted and thought I was having a boy.  When I found out I was having a girl it took a while to sink in.  Probably because I have four older brothers, but I definitely pictured a baby boy first.  Oh how the tables turn.
I love having a baby girl.  It's a good thing Pearl is a girl because she is literally my little doll.  I have even been compared (cough, cough ROCKY) to the gay parents on Modern Family because I'm always hot gluing something corny for her to wear.  I love to dress her up in different outfits and costumes.  I love bows of all colors, Sunday dresses and tiny Mary Jane shoes.  Making ridiculously busy bows then rigging up a make shift "Portrait Studio."  It's just all so fun.  

I have a reoccurring nightmare where I ask Danny a question about Pearl.  
I.E. "Did you change Pearl's diaper?" And he replies, "Pearl?  Don't you mean Paul?  And yes I changed Paul's diaper." 
From there, to my horror, I find an all blue room and a baby boy named Paul.  Paul is probably a cool baby from some where in psycho dreaming mind, but he isn't Pearl.  Nightmare!
I do hope someday to have at least one boy, but holy crap girls are fun.  
At least mine is:) 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Janeal said...

she is your mini me! holy cow!

Sydney said...

WOW! Love that pic. She seriously looks like a dolly. I too, am guilty of "Camming it up" and making all sorts of shenanigans for Ev to wear. I agree with you though - we gotta live it up! Its only cool to wear ruffles one every orphus of your body for so long.
PS you rock at editing. I need to learn some of that stuff.

Grandma Cher said...

You two are so fun for each other! Pearl is the perfect girl for all your cut ideas!


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