Here Comes Santa Clause!

At our wedding dinner, my dad told Danny that my whole life I've been volunteering him to do things by saying, "Oh yeah, my dad can make a huge ham dinner for the entire cheer squad."  
Or, "Of course my dad can build all the backdrops for the entire school play." 
Ya know, fun stuff like that.  My dad also warned  him that, most likely, I'd be volunteering Danny's services to do all sorts of "fun stuff" in no time.

Meet Danny-Clause!
Greg Warburton called me and asked if I could take his company photos, but it would be a bit different.  He wanted individual photos of his employee's families with Santa Clause.  I excitedly accepted the job and then he asked if I knew anyone who could play Santa.  
WORD VOMIT: "Danny would love to be Santa!"
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I wondered what I'd done.  
But Daniel is quite the sport and came through for me once again.   

 He made an excellent Santa Clause and all of the kids loved him.  He went around shaking hands, passing out treats and meeting with all of the children.  I couldn't believe how many kids ran up and gave him hugs!  It was so cute.  I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a while though.  His Santa voice was hilarious. It kept having hints of different accents go in and out.  I think the majority of the time it was Scottish?  But maybe Spanish too?  Oh yeah, and definitely Italian.  Whatever it was it was awesome.

 After the breakfast and mingling, Santa headed into the hot spot to get photos with all of the families.  It was common to hear me say, "Even Santa has to smile!"  But in Danny's defense that garb under studio lighting with 4 kids across your lap is recipe... for well, one hot Santa.

I seriously had so much fun taking these adorable kids photos!  I loved hearing what kids wanted for Christmas.  I can't believe how detailed they can be.  They don't only want an alien figurine, they want and I quote,  "One that comes with a sword that can slice the other alien's stomach so purple guts will come out."  Another kid asked for a motorized scooter, a cell phone, Ninjego Legos, a skateboard, and a horse.  
Santa's reply, "Well that is a lot of presents, I'll see what I can do."
Kids reply, "It's only five things!  You can't even bring me five things??"
I wanted that kid to get a lump of coal.

 Aren't these boys so cute?  They were smiling all morning.
Couldn't have done it without Rome, my moral and tech support.

Each family got a 5x7 like this one above to cherish forever and ever.
Dang, this duo might have to start a new business! Ha ha.

But what a fun morning!  I love the Warburtons, they are such great people.  If any of you need roofing, siding, awnings, patio covers, ect.  Check them out! 


meg bird said…
"Danny would love to be Santa Clause!"

hahaha that's fantastic. I find myself doing the same kind of thing.

"Drew would just drop dead over his excitement to come and move your piano for you! He'll be there soon!"

You know. stuff like that haha.

He looks great, and the alien with the sword that splits open stomachs? Wow. Boys are crazy.
Grandma Cher said…
Danny did get sucked into that one, but what a great Santa! What a fun employer the Warburtons are!
Lauren said…
HAHAHAHAHa "Danny-Clause" I can't stop laughing. you look great by the way!

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