Christmas with the Elders

 Christmas morning at our house was fun.  Even though we don't have kids begging us to wake up at the crack of dawn, we did.  Actually it was still pitch black outside.  I'm not sure what time it was but it had to be pretty early.  At least we are prepping ourselves for the future right?  Right.
 Danny's favorite gift, a gun. I don't understand why he loves this, but to each their own.  Happy Christmas babe!
My second favorite gift I got.  A Canon 7d! I'm really excited for it!
 Excuse my awesomeness.  
This is my first favorite gift though.  Danny makes some swell homemade cards, but this one was my favorite, it made me cry!  And the outside made me laugh. Double bonus.

 Then we woke up this cutie pie and headed for the Smart's and Elder's to exchange gifts.  Her favorite gift she got at our house was definitely her elephant pillow pet!

 So happy to have such a White Christmas this year!

 Danny helping Pearl open her new Christmas Eve jammies from Pam and Cary.

Elder cousin time!

Christmas at the Elder's home is always so fun! 

Bean loved opening his gifts.  It was so cute to see how excited he was with everything he got.
Rachel and her cool new vase.
Pearl got a ton for Christmas but to name a few things... some new outfits, a ton of books, candy (thanks Bean!), some fun musical toys she is seriously obsessed with and her first tooth brush!  She already loves brushing her four teeth!  Or mainly just playing with it.  This is the one case where it's good she puts everything in her mouth.
Pearl and Bean in his new jumpy house.  It is HUGE and awesome.
Pearl hanging out in her new outfit.  Yay for leopard print!
We all enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast together.

The handsome bros sporting their new cowboy gear, literally, from head to toe.
Am I sensing a trend?  They definitely acknowledge my obsession for all things green:)

The annual burn fest after opening gifts.
Heather, Pam, Rachel and Steph are all such awesome cooks.  They made delicious meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Thank you!
Heather "glowing" straight through her pregnancy!  We are BEYOND EXCITED to meet their new little man in May!

Christmas night we had a delicious Prime Rib dinner followed by a few games of catch phrase!
What a fun Christmas!

I think Pearlie loves Christmas already:)


Grandma Cher said…
What a fun Christmas at the Elders! The food looks delish and so do the cowboys.

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