This month I have been thinking of all the things I am grateful for in my life.
I feel blessed to be able to look out my classroom window everyday and see this beautiful sight.
Im grateful for mountains.
Especially, Mount Timpanogos.
I took this photo a couple weeks after this semester started because it was such an odd sight. I could hardly recognize the landscape without any snow on it. Timp has snow, at least on it's peaks, almost all year round. There are only a few weeks you will find it looking like this. It looks beautiful, but definitely different.

This is the Timp I recognize. I think we'll be seeing a lot of this in the near future.
Im trying to feel grateful for that too.


Lauren said…
See I miss Utah, I miss Timp, and I miss you girly! How could anyone not think that that landscape isn't beautiful. Be grateful you have that view, mine is over railroad tracks and smog. I should just move back. the end.
chelsea said…
The mountains are one of things I miss the most about UT. Well that and family:) These pics are beautiful!!
Rangi said…
Beautiful pic Rachel. Love, Sara looking forward to seeing you soon. Sara
Rangi said…
Timp is such an awesome mountain. You have to climb it with me, Rig and Mom next summer. We are grateful to have mountains by us but they can't compare to Timp.

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