Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boomer Lionel Smart

Dec. 1991-Nov. 2010

Boomer was born December 1991 in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The Smart Family (Rachel & Roxanne) immediately fell in love and decided/begged Ricker til he caved, to adopt Boomer as one of their own.

Boomer was an especially small pup being a miniature dachsund, on top of that he was runt of the litter. To give you a reference point....

He was small:)

As a young pup Boomer was fortunate to play with his twin brother, Buddy Butterfield, who lived just across the street. He enjoyed running up and down 200 North chasing birds and hunting snakes. At times his 3 inch legs just seemed a blur.

Similar to a cat, Boomer had nine lives. Whether it was taking on a huge German Shepherd or drinking antifreeze, Boomer lived life on the wild side.

Boomer was a very righteous dog praying on his haunches with paws folded at every family prayer. He was also a very giving dog. His favorite thing in winter was laying by the heater vent. When Boldie was born he was glad to scooch a cheek and share the warmth.

Other favorite pastimes include sleeping behind our legs and drinking sugar water from the Christmas tree stand.
Boomer is preceded in death by Buddy Butterfield (brother and fellow wiener dog), Jersey Smart (the cat), & Quillbur Qwilliam Smart (the hedgehog).
Boomer is survived by cousins Boulder William Smart and Stitch Jamal Elder.

Boomer had a very happy disposition and always appeared to be smiling. He was always happy to see you. Boomer Smart was a great companion and will be missed greatly by our family.

R.I.P lil' Boomie:)


Rangi said...

I know I am heartless but I haven't missed that little poop machine once since I have been here, however my girls have so I guess I feel a little bad.

Lauren said...

Aw this is sad, but he lived a wild and crazy life it seems like. Living on the edge, he'll have stories in doggie heaven for sure! ha ha.

Batash said...

Aw that's so sad! He sure was a cute doggie! I love the hot dog picture! haha so clever:)

Daniel Elder said...

Boomer you will be missed. However your scent will not be. RIP little wiener

Sydney said...

Miss him! He was such a good dog! Didn't we take him to Sue Fox's to pick out our rabbits?

Mindy said...

This post makes me feel bad, I should have pet him when he would lay against my ankle. He was a very tough dog. I think he had twelve lives. Maybe he is still alive........

cheryl said...

I still miss him, and I dream he comes back to life. Pretty weird! Thanks for the obituary.

Rangi said...

my girls are almost in tears right now remembering boomer! they really will miss him! love, Sara


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