From Dust to Glory

Meet the O'Smart Co-Ed Softball Team.
How did we get our interesting team mascot/name?
Our team was made up of 70% O'Smarts.
Which means we had a 30% chance of a successful season.
To put it delicately, we had a rough start to our season.
Our first game I still remember Beetle saying,
"Is this anyone else's first time playing softball?"
More people answered 'Yes,' than I hoped would.

"Struggle," was an understatement of our first few games.
Most teams we played had been together for 5+ years. This game we played the, 'Wall Bangers.' A particularly talented team that more than humbled us. They even had black shirts.
So intimidating.

Though our softball skills were lacking, our jerseys looked good.
RRrrreally good.

So we scheduled extra practices and hit the batting cages.
Coach Ricker was ruthless.
He drilled us til we dropped.
(Im not being dramatic at all, am I?)

Everyone really started improving. It felt good to win a few!
It was common for Danny to smash it over the fence a couple times per game.
Who knew I married The Great Bambino??

It was our team tradition to quench our thirst at Sonic Drive Inn after every game.

Romeskinner leading off first.

The batting order
Danny's goal for the whole season was to climb the fence and snag one that was going over.
That's him on the fence, and he most definitely snagged it!
Roxy was an All-Star catcher. She was quick on her feet to catch those pop-up fowl balls.
Our newest member of the team was born just a few minutes too late for one of our games.
No worries, he was able to make it to our next game.

AnnaBelle was such a great babysitter for all of her cousins.
Millie was a good sport too.

Our awesome Coach Ricker and player #55, Cher Dawg
Me posing with local celeb #3, left fielder for the O'Smarts.

Beetle & Mindy
Rocky & Sarah
Rome & Michelle

We had fans travel thousands of miles to witness an O'Smart softball game.

Several injuries were inflicted.
Body parts were sacrificed, namely the epidermis, for the sake of the team.
No pain, No gain.
Sliding into home to get that crucial run.

And then there were some of us who tripped on first base and got a mouth full of red dirt and a gnarly butt bruise. I swear my teeth are still gritty.
Also, did I mention I was the only one to get out the whole season because I ran into the ball I had just hit. I didn't even think that was possible??
Maybe next year I should stick to team photographer/water girl...

The Championship Tournament was upon us.
Nerves ran wild. Tension was was thick.
We got our game faces on and were ready to take on anything.
We played excellent and were even able to beat the, 'Wall Bangers.' The above photo shows our score against them! 6-5

Mike snagging an extremely fast line drive.

Meet the 2010 Co-Ed softball champs!
From Dust to Glory!!!
Go O'Smarts!!! Can't wait til next season!!!


cheryl said…
Way to capture the season. It was so fun to watch the games. And boy was it fun the night you guys won the tourney. I never would have bet on you guys winning the tournament the first night you played. Actually I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have ever bet on you guys period, sorry, but way to prove me wrong. You guys were wack a moles in the Tourney!
Pearl said…
You guys have too much fun. I miss this group.
chelsea said…
You guys have to be the best looking team in the league!! Does the score really matter?? Miss you guys!!
Mindy said…
Great post Rach,I was surprised to see that picture of me in labor,I don't even remember that being taken! At least I'm smiling(: Go O'Smarts!
Lauren said…
aw! i love it, you and your family are so funny. It seems like you had a good time
Daniel Elder said…
the team was so much fun to play on. I can't wait till next year either.
Rachey-Foo said…
great post, Rach!!! :) Go O'Smarts!
sheila said…
You guys are so awesome!! I am sooo jealous, I want to be on the O'Smart team too!! Looks like a ton of fun. Maybe someday I will get a chance to watch a game or two. Loved the pics!!
Jess Mac said…
awesome. Your husbands sister is in my ward, by the way! Small world...

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