Yes, I know Halloween was a month ago and most of you are already filled with Christmas cheer decorating your tree. But October was such a fun month, so bah humbug. Im blogging my favorite holiday anyways. At least its not December yet, right?

Ricker and Cher had their annual Halloween Party and it was one for the books. They made their legendary chili and the most addicting caramel apples ever.
The house was looking extra SppOOoooky this year with Ricker's new fog machine.

We played games and had the annual costume contest. It was so fun!

Here are some of the costumes...

The Avatars looked SO real!!

Peter Pan & Tinker Belle
Mr. Incredible & Syndrome!!

American Gothic.
Roman always thinks of the best costumes!

You dont look this good with ordinary face paint. Thats house paint folks.

Ricker's Italian meats

Witch riding her broom:)
King Triton and Ariel
(Have I mentioned how good of a sport my husband is???
Or how hot he looks in gold spandex???)

We cleaned up in the games!! My luckiest year yet:)

The Elders at the party

What a fun party!

The fam also went on the Halloween Cruise down the Provo River. It was really fun.

After the cruise!

We also went to The Haunted Forrest with a bunch of friends.

It was so fun until...
I gave Danny a black eye. Lets just say I spook easily.
Also in October Ricker celebrated his 62nd birthday THEE only way with...

We love October!!!


Batash said…
You always seem like you're having a blast, I love it.
cheryl said…
This was a fun and beautiful October. I LOVE IT TOO!
Rangi said…
Danny is a man! If I looked as manly as he does in a gold skirt I would certainly go as King Triton next year. He was awesome! (You were too.)
Erin Marie said…
Oh my gosh, You make the best Ariel ever! Super hot. And How creative are you guys?! That is the best thing ever! Can I come next year?!

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