Go Jazz!!!

I love me a good Jazz game. Especially when we win!
Even in the nose bleed section people are still hootin and hollerin. So exciting.

Does this look like $16??? Ugh...



cheryl said…
Jazz games are really fun no matter where you sit. Looks like you had a fun group too!
Tela said…
cute picture!! I LOVE THE JAZZ! Im glad they won for you that makes sitting way up there worth it :)
Lauren said…
I'll have you know that I've never been to a Jazz game. I know right? Unbelievable!
Rangi said…
Too bad we weren't at that sweet game when the Jazz beat the Lakers last week.

Jazz rule! Lakers drool!
Darcee said…
You guys are ALWAYS doing something fun! And you always look HOT doing it. How do you do it? Hey, I have a favor...would you mind emailing me your address?
I'm trying to get out our Christmas cards this week. Thanks!

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