Labor Day Lift Ride

On Labor Day some of the fam went up to Sundance to ride the lift. It was such a beautiful day and perfect weather for riding the lift!
The beautiful mountainside.
The mountain bikers about to head out.
Rocky and Cher tearin' up the trail
The classic 4 Generations pic
Elie smiling at Sarah on the way down the lift
G. Phyl, Cher and Ricker on the top chair, and Roman and Michelle below.

The Pink Ladies enjoying their suckers Grandpa Ricker bought them at the bottom of the lift.
Totally content. They had never been so quiet.

Timpanogos looking awesome as ever....

I feel so lucky to live so close to such beauty. Just a few minutes and I can enjoy sights like this. There is such peace found in the mountains. I do not see how anyone could be in a bad mood when surrounded by this!


Lauren said…
I would have to agree about the beauty of Utah. We are so close to everything, and we are so lucky.
cheryl said…
That was such a fun day, and so pretty. We are lucky to live so close to such a beautiful mountain.

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