Elie Belle

Meet Elie.
(Aka Elie Belle)
I love this little girl.

Isn't she a cutie??
She is an adventurous little thing!
I could barely get a photo because she always wants to explore!
Tomorrow she turns 2!!!
I wish her boots fit me. I'd totally borrow them.
But let's face it.... they look much cuter on her.

She pretty much has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen...
I love the faces she makes:)
Happy 2nd Birthday Elie!


Sarah said…
These are SO cute! Thanks so much!
Rocky said…
Amazing Rach! You are the best. Thanks!
Mindy said…
Great pics Rach, I am so glad we have a photographer in the family! You are so nice to always be so willing to do a photo shoot.
cheryl said…
I love her too. She is so full of it! She smiles with her whole face. Those eyes are telling a story all the time.

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