This is the Elder Family. My sister in law Heather, her husband Cale and their little one, "Bean," came and visited us from Boston. We haven't seen them since Christmas so it was fun to get the whole family together. We were able to hang out a lot over the two weeks. These are some pics of some fun stuff we did.
We all went up to Tibblefork where we had a picnic and went around the lake in the paddle boat.

Danny and Bean taking the dogs for a walk around the lake.

Danny and I before it started pouring rain...

Cute Bean! I freaking love this kid.
He is in the middle of saying, "Hiiiiii!" in this pic.
I really wish we got to see him more. It was so cute how he would give Boldie and Stitch hugs and boss them around. He is the sweetest funniest little man!

Rach and I jumping into the FAREEEEEZING cold lake right after it rained.
We're the Rachels of the fam and we're intense.

Rick with the fruits from his summer fishing in Alaska. We had a totally legit fish fry that was AMAZING. Oh my mouth is watering thinking about it...
I played croquet for the first time.
Let's just say there's always room for improvement.
Steph and Bean on the hammock

We ate so much good food while Heather was in town. Her and Pam were definitely busy in the kitchen. They are gourmet cooks and never disappoint! I am lucky to have in laws that are good at cooking. I always look forward to meals at their house!

My mouth is watering again...
Cary celebrated his birthday!
(I love this pic:)
We drove our scooters all over Alpine. This is my brother in law Cale, notice the Mtn. Dew 12 packs on our scoot rack.

My adorable nephew Michael G. and me:)
The boys were SO into shooting the mice in the aviary. These boys get very competitive in two areas: Halo kills, and Mice kills.
We had so much fun spending time with the whole family. It was great to get Rick home from Alaska and fun to have Heather and Cale in town for a few weeks!


cheryl said…
What a bunch of fun you guys had. That food Heather and Pam made looked delicious. You are lucky they are such gourmet cooks. Your lucky you found a sister in law as crazy about cold water as you. It is so funny how competive Danny and Rick are over mice kills. Sounds like something your own brothers would do. You and Danny could put out some mean competitive genes in your kids. My favorite picture is of Danny and Bean. He is such a cute little boy. Danny is so good to little kids. He will be a great dad.
Daniel Elder said…
I do have to say i am a dead aim. Cale actually called me the great white hunter a few times while he was out here. hahahaha
This little, adorable boy needs to join the dance class I help teach!! (It's a group full of kids with Downs!!) I am in love with him!!

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