Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What do you do in the Summertime?

Summer is officially in full swing and we're loving it.  This year, I especially love how Pearl can explore and follow me around as I work in the yard.
Rachel, who lives in our basement, made everyone a really good dinner last week.  It was fun to get together, talk and play a little scum.
(Plus she made this cilantro lime butter for the fresh corn on the cob that was amaze balls.)
Great night.

The patio set you see above is what Danny's parents gave me for my birthday.  It is so nice to have a little bit of seating so we can enjoy eating outside instead of having to fend off our dogs!  We have really enjoyed spending more time on our deck this Summer, since we aren't finishing our basement too.

We planted this climbing rose bush at the end of last Summer.  I hoped it would come back and we had no idea what color it was.  I was so excited when it started blooming this week in bright red.
Rick surprised me with this cute bird bath for our little rose garden.  Pearl won't leave it alone!

Danny still loves Palomino. 
As much as I hate this beast parked on the side of my house, I love riding in the bench seat eating a snow cone with the windows down.  It doesn't get much more "Summer time," than that. 
As for me and my prego self, things are getting kinda real ugly and quick.  I didn't feel like I was that huge yet, and then BAM.  The past month, I have exploded.  Danny was a really big baby, and I'm hoping this little guy doesn't have plans to follow in his dad's footsteps (at least until after he's out:)  I still feel great, I'm just growing at an unbelievable rate.  My doc moved my due date up to October 3rd, which I'm not sure if that means anything, but it's less time being pregnant so I don't ask questions.  But Pearl, Millie and I have been loving the pool.  We go a couple times a week, which is nice.  But at the same time, humiliating since I chase Pearl around the beach front looking like a beached whale the whole time. 
Popsicles and Pop-Its have been main staples around our house for Millie, Pearl and the neighbor kids.

Millie and Pearl also tried out a slip'n slide for the first time.  
Pearl loved the water, but mainly loved eating three popsicles. 
Bridger, Briggs, Bronco and Millie.
These are Millie's favorite people and she would play with them all day everyday if she could. 
We love the Blackhurst boys and can't wait to see their baby brother that's coming any day!

I kept meaning to get a pic of our roses in full bloom, but we had a nasty wind storm come by this week that left our entire lawn covered in rose petals.  It was so sad.  
These are the best we could get.

Danny started putting up a fence around our back and side yard.  The one on top is kinda ugly, but the whole thing cost $50, so we can't complain.
This is the fence that is now on the sides of our house.  

Beetle made this cute stepping stone for my garden.  I love it!

The current snail tally is 4.   
With Pearl's refined taste palate, she can't help but pop the slimy buggers in her mouth.  
Well those and dirt.  It's quite the combo, I know. 
I love these square, bare feet!


Sydney said...

1. Pearl's hair has such cute curl to it! I love it!
2. You are NOT huge. You look like such a cute pregnant lady in that swimsuit! Seriously, you look great ... but even if you do, you're still not you're normal self, which makes you feel huge, (at least that's how I feel right now).
3. You are such a good photographer. I love all the pics of your yard!

meg bird said...

Rach, you look beautiful! Seriously, pretties pregnant lady I've ever known of.

I'm so in love with your house I could die. And that picture of Pearl in the yard eating the popsicle that's bigger than her face in her adorable hat? WHAT is cuter than that? What?


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