Thursday, June 20, 2013


Danny ran the Utah Valley Marathon a couple weeks ago.  It was his first 26.2 mile run and he did awesome!

We met him around mile 19 with a swig of Diet Coke and some Ibuprophen to help the pain in his knees.  Dang knees!

He ended up finishing in 4:15 which is such an awesome time, especially for his first one!
Danny had many supporters waiting at the finish line including my family and his.  I didn't get a picture of everyone, but thanks to all who came to show love.   
(P.S. Who looks 13 months pregnant in this picture?!  ^^^Yikes.)
So happy to see his family and be done running!

How would you like to run 26.2 miles in this get up?  This guy does it and then afterwards takes photos with people collecting donations for Primary Children's Hospital.  What a cool Spidey.
After the race we went out to breakfast so Danny could replenish some of the 4,000 calories he burned and I could eat 4,000 I hadn't.
And this was right before Millie dropped Pearl on her head. 
 I'm impressed she can even get Pearl off the ground, since they weigh the same.
Pearl and I are so proud of Danny!  This year he has ran his first half and full marathons as well as lost 60 lbs.  Such a stud.  Dan is the Man!


Sydney said...

Seriously, Danny is the Man! That is such an impressive time! Especially for his first marathon! And congrats on losing 60 pounds! That is awesome.
Also, you look great Rach. I know you feel like a whale, because I also feel like a whale. I hate not feeling like myself, but then again, eating my feelings is also very satisfying.
And the spidey! Darc would love seeing that. What a cool guy.

Lauren said...

WAHOO DANNY!!! and you and rox are looking like total babes these days!


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