I'm sure by now you all realize between Mother's Day and my birthday month, May is the perfect storm.  Another thing you probably realize is that I'm obsessed with two things, good food and flowers!
I turned 26 last week and got so spoiled.  Danny not only keeps up with the perfect storm but goes above and beyond.
The morning of my birthday, after he got off work, he brought me Kneader's french toast and FIVE bouquets of flowers! 
He also gave me this cute bench I've been wanting and some fancy shampoo.  
(disregard our wall that needs to be painted)
Rick gave me this Hummingbird feeder and they/I love it!  
What's cuter than a hummingbird?

My birthday was awesome.  Danny only had one class and as soon as he got out, Mindy and Beetle babysat so we could go to lunch.  Danny and I enjoyed a quiet air conditioned lunch with the best Thai Drift has to offer: Pumpkin Curry and Mango sticky rice.  After lunch we went and picked up Pearl and dropped her off to have Stephanie watch her.  We went to Iron Man 3 (If you're wondering why, Star Trek wasn't playing at that time).  We walked into the empty theater and Danny said, "Twenty six is a big number, so I rented the theater out!"  He was kidding, but we really did have the entire theater to ourselves.  Iron Man was good, but mainly it was fun to go to a movie.  We haven't been in forever!
Since I hate chocolate right now Cher made me an amazing, homemade, peach-almond ice cream cake!  Pearl was so excited to be in front of a lit cake again.  Who am I kidding? So was I.  It was delicious.
With Pearl and Simon's help I got them all out!
Roman made all of my dreams come true when he gave me this 2 lb rice krispy treat.  
It was glorious.

Later that night my parents, Danny, Pearl and I drove up to Sweet Tomatoes and met up with Grandma Phyl and my Uncle Darrell and Aunt Sheila who were in town.  They are such fun and generous people, it was so fun to sit and chat with them.

Writing out this post I'm realizing what a chub I am and how much good food I ate on my birthday! Isn't that what birthdays are for though?  I can't believe how nice everyone was to me.  I got so many calls, messages, texts, cards, ect.  I was feeling the love for sure. Thank you everyone for making my day the best!


meg bird said…
Your birthdays always look like the most fun I've never had! haha Happy belated, Rach! You deserve it!
Lauren said…
Happy Belated BIRTHDAY Pretty Lady!
Savage said…
Hey, Happy Birthday lady! The Shoell Sisters think your the best! and congrats on baby BOY ELDER!
Grandma Cher said…
Danny does a birthday right!!! You are loved by a lot of people and glad you had a good birthday month.

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