Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day

 Our Memorial Day started out at Magelby's with Danny's family for french toast and omelets.
 French toast is mine and Pearl's favorite.

After breakfast we headed over to Sun River Gardens where Pam and Cary bought some new yard art.
Pearl is one spoiled little girl and loves Aunt Steph and Aunt Rae so much.

She also loves all water.

At Sun River Gardens there is a greenhouse completely full of roses.
I am obsessed with roses of all kinds and the aroma was so amazing I never wanted to leave.

Our Iris Jungle is in full bloom right now so we were glad to donate some for my grandparent's graves.
Cher made some really pretty vases full.

Later that day we headed over to Ricker and Cher's house for a BBQ.

Danny and Ricker grilled up the New Yorks to perfection.  Not that I would know personally since steak sounds about as appealing to me as worms, but everyone else loved them.
We had such a great day filled with awesome food and family, and especially remembering those who have passed on.  
Miss Pearl was one tired lady after so much fun.

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Grandma Cher said...

Really cute blog. Glad you could spend time with both families! Pearl's dress is darling.


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