Monday, April 8, 2013

St. Valentine's

So Valentine's Day was two months ago and I'm just barely getting around to blogging it. Don't currrrrr.

We had a fun V-Day so I'm going to blog it.
 Pearl made her first Valentine thanks to Millie giving her a pen and paper.  Only a little ink got on my couches.
 Millie really wanted to make heart treats for her friend that lives next door, so we attempted these pink rice crispies.  Pearl ate more than she should have:)
 We also made Valentine cards for our friends and family members.
 I hate cooking and I love Danny.  So I attempted to make him a gourmet candlelit "Ricker Meal" with all the good stuff.  Lobster tails, bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, roasted asparagus, cheesy garlic biscuits, Rosemary potatoes, Shrimp cocktail, and chilled grape juice.

 My hot Valentine's date:)

 Aunt Rae gave Pearl this red headed fairy doll that she's obsessed with.  
She's a good aunt:)

 We were spoiled by secret admirers that left treats and cards on our doorstep.

And what's Valentine's Day without a good snuggle? 

(P.S. I threw this one in because Pearl's chub chub is hanging out.  You're welcome.)


meg bird said...

In seminary, I was taught that love is sacrifice. I can't think of a better example of this than you making such an extravagant meal for your husband when you hate cooking haha. What a good wife! And adorable family.

Lauren said...

My favorite line: "I hate cooking and I love Danny." haha You crack me up girl.

You seriously are the greatest mother, Pearl will be happy one day you did everything you're doing now.

Grandma Cher said...

Pearl's Cupid cards were the BEST!! She could get a job from Hallmark as their own personal cupid card girl!


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