Life Is Good.

I have a bunch of short random posts I've been meaning to post so here they are rolled into one.  Looking through these pics, I can't help but feel how good life is. 
Pearl has been loving being outside!  She loves exploring and especially eating dirt.

Proof that Luke Skywalker loves ribs.

Danny will kill me for this.^^^

 Danny is the funnest Cub Master I know and he went all out for the Blue and Gold Banquet this year.  The boys loved it.  They had "Han"burgers and "Yoda Soda."  It was a fun night.

*Notice: Rat tail
We took the girls up to City Creek for sugar cookies and let them play in the huge foam play place.  They loved it.

The best flight attendant in the world took the time to go to lunch with us.  I love Lil!
We took the babes swimming.  
Yeah this was her face the whole time.  She is obsessed with water.  It's kind of scary how comfortable with water she is.  She didn't care if water got in her mouth, nose, eyes,  she just kept dunking herself.  It was pretty cute.
 Pearl chewed off another top of her bottle.  I know you're all thinking, give up the bottle already!  We're working on it.

I think I finally got a photo of Kashi that does him justice.

Pearl let me put her hair in piggies for once. 
Thanks to Sara, these three cuties have matching Bulldog shirts.
Found out Pearl is a thrill seeker.

 Pearl had a blast at the park with her cousins.
  Danny is starting school on May 6th and we could find out the gender of our baby any day.  There is a clinic in PG that does it for free after 15 weeks.  We are still deciding if we want to find out or not.  I doubt we can wait, but seriously how crazy fun would it be to find out when you delivered? 
Anyways, Life is good.


Janeal said…
Cute family! I can't get over Pearl's hair. Also, we waited till the baby was born and I had my husband announce the sex. It was awesome! But I haven't done it the other way so no idea what's better. :)
Mindy said…
Cute post, love Pearl's swimming would be weird if your daughter didn't love the water!
Lauren said…
I love this post. I especially love the Star Wars pictures. Haha. you're family always knows how to do costumes right. And little Pearl is a doll in that swimsuit! I can't handle this cuteness!!!!
Batash said…
Love it! You have such a cute family!
Grandma Cher said…
Love the random post! Love the sister cousins in the tube! Love Danny's get up, he is a Great cub master! Loved seeing Lil with you two again! Fun stuff!

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