Monday, April 8, 2013

Our $1600 Date.

Recently Danny and I were lucky enough to go on a $1600 date.  Since we're pretty much money bags  I'm sure none of you are surprised by this right?  Ha ha, rrriiiiiight.  Compliments of Nuskin we got 2 court side seats to a Jazz game and were part of the "Club 100" for the night.  

Look to the right corner if you want to pee your pants.
$660 PER ticket!  Who has that kind of money to spend on ONE Jazz game?
Celebs?  Pretty much.
So we got Celebrity treatment for a night.
Our celeb night started out with validated front row parking.
Next we went to the Sky Buffet that to one side looked out over the Court and to the other side over Salt Lake City. 

 Everything was fancy.  The servers, the chefs, roses, candles.  It was like our Valentine's Date since we didn't go on one.  It was so fun to be able to sit, talk and relax.

Then we enjoyed front row seats to the game where I made a fool of myself on TV waving at my parents. 
 Danny was humiliated.  Sometimes it's hard being married to me.
I was a little let down we didn't see Jack Nicholson or Justin Beiber, ect. while sitting on the front row. However the lady sitting next to me sporting the biggest diamond ring I have ever seen made up for it.

As if we were not full enough after the Sky Buffet, at half time there was a second buffet right by the Jazz player's locker room where we saw the players and ate some more:)  It was such a fun night!  


Lauren said...

I swear you are the cutest pregnant lady!

Grandma Cher said...

So Happy You guys got to have such a Fun and Fancy night out!


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