Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings came and performed at BYU for $6.  A 15 minute drive and only $6 to see one of my favorite artists?  I think yes.  Our neighbor Hartman told us about it and we couldn't help but spread the word to all friends and family.  What a deal!  The last concert of his I went to I gladly spent $25, this time I was even gladder to spend $6.  Our neighbors, Hartman and Hannah, took their two oldest girls. We went with Beetle, Mindy, Roman, Michelle, and Roxanne.  Then I even found my BFF Laura there! It was fun to have such a big group of friends there.
Classic Prom Pose

Mason put on an awesome concert.  He is so good live and I thought he had such a good blend of his old songs and some new ones.  My personal favorites he played were "Jackson Square","Be Here Now" and "Adrian." 

Feel free to watch this video and feel of his awesomeness.


Grandma Cher said...

Fun night!! Love the Prom Pose!!!

Mindy said...

That was So fun! Hey I just noticed you don't have Bridget on your sidebar?! Is she with pup yet?


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