Lucky #13

 Pearl is now 13 months old and is keeping me on my toes... more than normal.

-She loves to carry laundry baskets around the house, even though they're bigger than her.  But especially loves to throw everything out of the baskets leaving at least one article of clothing in every room of the house.

-She has decided she loves to go through all of our cupboards ripping every. single. thing. out until it's bare.  Suuuper fun to clean up twenty times a day.  She also does this with the bottom drawer of her dresser, my dresser and her toy bin.

-She has started "running" when she gets excited.  It's very uncontrolled and scares the heck outta me, but she's learning and I like that.

-She can say a few words now which is really fun!  She says "dad" all the time.  I was getting something out of our fridge while holding her and she pointed to a picture of Danny and squealed, "Da-daaa!"  She loves Danny so much.  She says mom sometimes, I wish more though!  She said, "Granpa" to my dad like 5 times this week! It was really cute.  Sometimes she says "yes."  It's my favorite word. She also says, "Hey," and treats every object she finds like a cell phone. She says a few other words but they are really sporadic and she will never say anything on cue.

-I have come to the hard realization that, at best, I am her 4th favorite person.  Her list: Danny, Millie, Brutus, Maaaybe me?

-She has also started giving kisses.  She willingly gives them to Danny, but has only given them to me at 5 a.m.  Which is still cute, but it's at 5 a.m.

-Which brings us to our next point, she has been waking up more than she has in her life.  Like more than when she was a newborn!  Between teething, the flu, an ear infection, and severe diaper rash it's been a long month!  We're used to 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I know, poor us.  She may be prepping us for babe #2, since I hear we will never get a sleeper like Pearl again.

I call the above photo, "Baby Hangover."
 She also got a new swimsuit, I'm in love.

 She is obsessed with anything electronic.  She loves trying to plug stuff in, which is scares the crap out of me. We have had to cover all of our outlets after she blew up my cell phone charger after plugging it into the outlet.  She is constantly trying to "plug" stuff together.

She is still obsessed with food...
And gets madder than mad if you take it away from her.
Not safe^^^
She chews on everything.  Does teething ever stop?

 Her hair just keeps getting curlier.  Dreams do come true you guys!
If you've ever given us a Christmas card or photo of you or your kids, Pearl is learning your names.  Everyday we say, "hi" to photos of our friends and family.
This photo is terrible and you may've already seen we have a little jaws on our hands!  Pearl successfully chewed the top off of her bottle.
 Her gateway to the outside world... The Doggie door.  She loved looking out of it and I used to let her, until one day she crawled out into the snow!
She is a weird little towel face but she keeps things lively around our house:)


meg bird said…
Teething,flu, diaper rash? Eek! Sounds like more than a handfull! Way to work those mamma skills!
Whitney said…
Love her swimsuit!!! Also where did you get your raggedy ann doll? Was it yours. I want one for my baby girl! Good luck with the whole sleeping thing. I'm hoping this baby is a better sleeper than Ryk :S
Alea Peters said…
Oh, toddlers are such fun. :) When did she get to look so grown up?!
Anonymous said…
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Grandma Cher said…
13 months is a FUN time! Pearl is such a little busy body. She always has he own agenda in mind... it's like her own daily work schedule. She is so cute, her hair is a dream, and I love her swim suit.
Grandma Cher said…
Don't know what's going on above my comment, but please tell me it wasn't something I did?
Lauren said…
This is the cutest post! I swear she looks exactly like you, I love it!

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