Hollywood With the Weasleys

Ricker, Cher, Millie, Pearl and I left PG around 7 p.m. on a Friday night driving to California. 
What I thought would be a "peaceful drive" that entailed two sleeping kids and a quiet ride surprised me once again.  Pearl screamed from the time we got on the freeway until we stopped in Nephi to get some tylenol for her teething.  Awesome.  And Millie is like an elf or something.  All she eats is sugar and can function on 45 minutes of sleep a day.  The car was as loaded down as it could be.  In the back window of our car, we smuggled 21 heavenly loaves of Granny Bread across the border for Rangi.  My theory is, "Once a Griswold, always a Griswold."  Something's never change.  We keep ourselves classy.
 We finally made it to California and I was so happy to see these happy faces, and of course all of that red hair!
 Pearl loved seeing her cousins and they were all really nice to act like they like her too.  Pearl was impressed by Rig's new guitar.

It was really fun to hang out at their cute house.  

 One day we were there we drove to Hollywood to watch the sunset from Griffith Park Observatory.  It was so cool and I hope to go back next time we're in Cali.

The sunset was beautiful.  Perfect photo op:)

 It had rained earlier that day, which cleared out all of the smog making the view incredible.

 Rangi was so nice and helped me with Pearl while I had Millie.  Everyone thought Pearl was one of Rangi's kids, not surprised!  His family is California's closest thing to the Weasleys.  Compliment.


 Pearl loved hanging out with her cousins and their cool rabbit!
 His name is either Thumper or Jimmer, I can't remember, but he is a pretty good pet.  He just lives in their back yard. 
 That is the new tree house Rang built, pretty sweet.

Pearl smothering Thumper/Jimmer.

 On the way home from California we stayed at the Grand Palace Station.  Our room was only $17 but it was pretty nice.  We ate at a really good buffet and then my parents watched the girls while I lost $10  on penny slots.  Pretty fun. 
 As earlier stated on this post, we were super loaded down in our car and there wasn't room for a pack'n play.  Since Pearl sleeps every night in her crib,  I wasn't sure how the night was going to go.

This was our first attempt at our makeshift "pack'n play."  It didn't work.  Neither did sleeping in my bed with me.  Or sleeping in her car seat.  I found myself at 3 a.m. riding up and down the glass elevator looking out over Las Vegas.  It was cool the first 3 times we went to the 25th floor and then back down to the Casino level.
Needless to say, it was a looong night.  
The trip was seriously so fun.  We ate a lot of good food, saw a lot of cool stuff and most importantly had awesome hosts.  It was so fun to see Rang, Sara and their family! Can't wait to go back!


Grandma Cher said…
That was a super fun trip! I love the Weasleys/California Smarts!!! (Total Compliment intended.) They were such Great host and really good kids as usual. Danny better go next time.

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