Big Tex Turns 28

Danny turned 28 on January 22nd.  He's pretty cute, huh?
 After he got home from Home Depot, Pearl was ready with a birthday hug and presents.  
We had a nice day relaxing and going out to lunch.  A couple of days before his birthday he went snowboarding with Roman and was in heaven:)
We celebrated with his family the Sunday before his birthday.  His birthday night we celebrated with my family and had a little party.
 My second try at German Chocolate Ganache for the week.  I made one for his Sunday party and one for his actual birthday.  Both tasted pretty good, but weren't as easy on the eyes.  I don't know how my mom does it!
It was fun to have Ryan and Stephanie over for his party too!
 Grandma Phyl with Bay and Pearl.  I'm sad we didn't get Brig in this!

 Texas Roadhouse Rolls.
 5 Cheese Mac N' Cheese, seriously soooo good.
 And the legendary Ricker Ribs! My dad and I made over 50 lbs!
 Rhett captioned this, "Granny Oakley."
Danny's cowboy hat was everyone's favorite prop for the night.
 He got em' out easy.  The loud, "Yee-hah" he yelled out before he blew, probably gave him the strength necessary.
 Minus that pesky trick candle:)
It was a really fun night hanging out with everyone.

 Seriously, I have some really beautiful cousins.  All of them!

Thanks everyone who came to his party!
 I love this guy so dang much!  He is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him.  Awesome husband and dad! He works so hard for me and Pearlie and is always trying to do nice stuff for me.  Plus, he's hot.
Happy 28th Birthday Big Tex!


Mindy said…
The yeeeee-Haaaa before the candle blowing was the highlight of my night, Danny is so fun! What the heck, did I get any sweet potatoes in Brigs mouth that night? Fun party!
meg bird said…
Your family know how to have a good time! And how to make delicious food! I'm starving after looking at those rolls and mac and cheese and ribs. Sweet mercy.

Happy Birthday D-lish! You're such a good wife.

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