Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh, I Forgot to Tell You.

 My sweet Grandma Phyl Phyl took me to see Twilight.  
 We both loved it.  Judge away.  It was the best one.
One day after I dropped Danny off at Nuskin I decided to take Pearl to see Grandpa Wally and Grandma Mackie's grave.  I really miss them and I know they would've loved Pearl.
 As we were leaving we saw this headstone.  What the heck?  Someone has a funny sense of humor...

 To my unpleasant surprise, the cowboy in Danny has returned and it's not even rodeo season!  Even though Danny makes a handsome cowboy, the day Rick quits IFA (International Farmers of America) I'm throwing a party.

Also this month we each got new callings.  Say Hello to your new Cubmaster, Brother Elder!  He is so excited for this calling because let's face it, Danny is just a really big 10 year old.  My new calling is 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency and I am also really excited!  We have the cutest kids, I'm so glad I didn't get moved from Primary!

 This is Pearl's adorable buddy, Baby Hazel.  They are two months apart and only a few houses away... can we say future BFFs?  Sophia is, who is "holding them" has been in our class the last two years and is hysterical. 

 Last Friday Danny, my parent's and I got take out and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  It was so fun minus the fact I now feel like our lights suck.  #firstworldproblems
 I'm not huge on blue lights but the BYU house is always a favorite.
 The adorable Smart Gingerbread house.

I love how even though my dad has been retired from the railroad for 8 years, when a train is stopped on the track he makes me pull over to say "Hi," to the Engineer and Conductor.  This particular day, the train was stopped outside of Jim's Family Diner and he of course knew both guys operating the train.

On 12.12.12 this cute lil reindeer turned 11 MONTHS OLD.  I know... what the heck?  Only one more month and she is a year!  

Also on 12.12.12 we attended Beetle's awesome Ham and Cheese Party!  It was such a fun night, we all love Beetle so much.
And we finally got a tree!

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Sarah said...

Did you steal that tree from the mobile home?


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