Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chaos and Carpet

 Welcome to the Elders!  
Holy crap, can we say chaotic mess?  I am way behind on my blog because it seems like we go from one home project to the next.   I feel too guilty to blog because, obviously, my house needs my attention.  The project that has our house looking like a tornado blew through, is new carpet.  We are getting it in Pearl's room and ours. 

To keep Millie busy while the carpet is being laid we made a Ginger Bread house.  It's a lot bit rickety, nothing matches and it's not straight, but this girl had so much fun! 
 If our house ever gets put back together I'll post some pics and hopefully I can update our blog soon.
But for a little teaser see below...
 There should be some good posts coming your way soon:)


meg bird said...

No way is Danny dressed like Santa! How cute!

The house is lookin real good. haha I hope the madness ends soon.

Grandma Cher said...

Danny was a perfect Santa!!! And Pearl's carpet was well worth the work. It looks so nice!


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