Roxy turns 21!!

Roxanne, aka Pop Rox, turned 21!!! So of course we were headed down to Wendover to celebrate.

Los Gs hopped on the Fun Bus to give our luck a try...
We even brought Rick and Cher along for their maiden voyage on Le Bus.
Nothing is better than a Cowboy hat behind a slot machine.
Then I remembered...
Nothing is better than TWO cowboy hats behind TWO slot machines.
Cher and I dressed in Black and White standing in front of the Black and White Band.
Clearly they asked us to join the band and gracefully we declined.
We had some monies to win!!!

Though none of us won big, we were all winners at the epic Montego Bay Buffet.
Never disappoints:)
Beginner's luck!!! At least somebody won a little!
Happy Birthday Rox!


chelsea said…
Happy Bday Roxanne!!! I love that Ricker and Cher went along--they are such party animals. You all are so beautiful!!!

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