Girl's Day Out

Last weekend was Fall Break. I had Saturday off and Danny had to work so we planned a girl's day out. Rox, Cher, Ricker and I woke up early Saturday morning and headed up to Salt Lake City to pick up G. Phyl. We went yard sale-ing until about 12:00 then we were headed to Kyoto, an amazing Japanese restaurant in Salt Lake.

This is the gang about to dig into our delicious lunch. I may or may not have already snagged a bite...
And of course I got the Tempura Shrimp, its legendary.
After lunch Ricker was on babysitting duty while the girl's spent the next 6 hours shopping.
It was a splendid and definitely much needed Girl's Day Out.
I love my mom, sister, and Grandma so much. It was fun to laugh and talk with them, get/give opinions on clothing items, and reminisce of old funny stories (much at my expense).
Long live Girl's Day Out!!!


Tela said…
cute i love yard sale-ing and girls day out combined!
cheryl said…
That was such a fun day. We have to do that more often. In fact we have to do it again. I don't think we ever actually have at all.
Rachey-Foo said…
before we had kids, Greg and my dad would go golfing on saturdays and me and my mom would go to lunch and shopping. it was our weekly date and i really loved it. life is busier now but we still manage to find time for our lunchdates. i love spending quality time with my mom. :) glad you girls had some special time together. there's nothing like TIME.
Rangi said…
Nice call on the tempura shrimp, last time I went I tried something else and I am still regretting it.

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