Saturday, October 23, 2010


Its Game Day, so get ya's Game Face ON
Introducing star Quarter Bark, Boldie...

Our starting Wide Retriever, Stitch Jamal...
This little cutie making sure the players are taken care of.
Go Cougs!!!


Ash Att said...

haha! i LOVE this so much. i love the outfits on your puppies!

Dan said...

I think they were running a quarter bark keeper in that last pic. They are some of the funniest dogs i have ever met.

its simple love said...

I want a pup so badly! So jealous you have such adorable puppies! I want to get an english bulldog. But that little frenchie is pretty darn cute too.


p.s. I ham hosting a giveaway over on my blog! Check it out when you get the chance :)

cheryl said...

The Boys do look darn cute in their outfits. I really think Stitch should probably be called a Full Bark... he's pretty loud.

Rangi said...

The cougars could use a new receiver and quarterback. Maybe you can get them a try out. It worked in AirBud?


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