Children Of The Corn

Ever seen Stephen King's film, "Children of the Corn?"
We pretty much had our own version of Children of the Corn this week.
The minor difference?
We came out alive.

No, I'm just kiddin. Even though our boys were CARAAAZY at this activity.
Neat rows of corn do something to young boys.
I shoulda worn my Nikes!

We took them to Thanksgiving Point's CornBelly's Corn Maze.
They absolutely loved it.
We earned our Maps belt loop.
The pumpkin tower!

I was loving the perfect weather!!
I wondered what they did with all the corn from the maze.
Oh of course, they turned it into a giant play pen.
Why didn't I think of that?

I learn several life lessons from these boys every week. These are a few of the, "lessons" I learned at this activity.

1. I learned that ten year old boys would rather listen to Taylor Swift than Vampire Weekend.
(Yes, Joseph is singing into a pumpkin stem and yes they knew every word)
2. That while being stuck in stopped traffic with your gas light on Taylor Swift can really start to bug...
3. That if you tell them to pick a treat off the bottom shelf they will whine for ten minutes on why they would rather you buy them these sweet sunglasses.
4. If you go to a gas station, LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.
5. A big, "You're the coolest Den mother ever!" Makes it all worth it:)

We love our boys!


Tela said…
Fun!! For sure you are the best den mom!!! Love your pictures!! This weather makes me miss Utah so bad!!
cheryl said…
Rachey, You are a great den mother and Danny is a great den dad. That trip cracks me up!

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