Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The "Thongs and Flip Flops are NOT the Same Thing," Song.

Los G's decided to switch things up and try an R & B Birfday song. Maybe we should've stuck with rapping...

or not.

Both are scary.

We know we suck. We just wanted Pop Rox to know we love her and hope she has a great 21st B-day!!!

She's the best sista ever!!


Roxanne said...

Rachel! you are the best ever!!! Its so Awesome! I love it! You seriously made my birthday! Thanks so much for all you do for me :) LOVE YOU!!

cheryl said...

Oh my yeck ... Scandalous, you guys are way too Funny. Every time I hear it I laugh till I cry. I am supposed to laugh right? Seriously (if possible) you guys are really GOOD.

Mindy said...

That was Awesome Rachel & Brad I think you guys are good at both r&b and Rap! Happy Birthday Roxanne, we love you!!!

Alea said...

These songs crack me up! So awesome. My eyes are watering. Haha... Happy Birthday Roxanne!

Lauren Jacobson said...

Can I just say that I love this so much that I have to comment on it on Facebook and here!!! I love your blog you guy always seem to be having fun!


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