I love Lagoon.

I don't care if people say:
The rides are lame.
The roller coasters aren't intense.
The food is over priced.
Freaks and ghetto people come out of the woodwork.

Its all a bunch of bologna.
Everything except the freaks coming out of the woodwork. That's definitely true. But who doesn't enjoy a little people watching??

I have so many good childhood memories at Lagoon.
I remember mainly hanging out with my cousins and always looking forward to our annual trip to Lagoon, Grandma Phyl always having the cousins go to all the Musical Shows and the boy cousins being so mad but secretly liking it (run on sentence), eating our home made lunches in the park, my dad winning us prizes at Wac-A-Mole, Big El buying us ice cream, ect.
These are just a few of the reasons I love Lagoon. My parents, Brad, Rox, Danny, and I were able to go this last week and we had SO much fun!

It POURED on us the first three hours we were there.

There seriously wasn't a dry spot on us...

Not to mention we were THEE ONLY PEOPLE without Ponchos.
But we didn't let a little rain get in our way!
Posing like the retarded clowns in the picture behind them.

We jumped in puddles.

It was fun.

If you read ANYTHING on this post read the picture above.

This one was getting a bit out of hand so they threw him in the slammer.

The Girls:) Roxanne was smart, she wore water proof...

The Sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Rox, Brad and I on the Cliff Hanger. Notice we're dry...
Not for long...
Ever since I was little I would go to Pioneer Village and look at my, "Dream House."
Isn't it cute? Im gonna have to make Danny build it for me.

Front row on Jet Star

The rest of our Caboose.

Ricker and Cher about to take off on the Flying Aces!

Ricker and I front row on The Old White Roller Coaster!!!
There were practically NO lines all day!
Gotta love the Sky Coaster...
I was lucky to get this shot when the Colossus was upside down.
What a fun day, cant wait to go back next year!


cheryl said…
That's got to be one of the MOST FUN days at lAGOON, Ihave ever had. We'll have to try it in the rain again next year Thanks for the Blog. I love the the sunset pic.
Janeal said…
A) That's an AWESOME picture of Roxanne and Brad on the swings.
B) Um doesn't your "dream home" look a little bit like your parents house?
C) I hate the jetstar. violently.
E) Lagoon IS awesome, no matter what anyone says. I think I've been 7 times this summer.
Krystal Ann said…
aww I remember the annual lagoon trips - how I miss those days :(

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