They Chubby Challenge

If any of you know my husband, you know two things...

1. He loves KSL.
2. This boy can eat.

Saturday the fam went to Chubby's Neighborhood Cafe in Pleasant Grove. If you haven't tried it you should, they have really good food and its really cheap. Anyways, they have what's called The Chubby Challenge. It consists of a 1.5 lb. hamburger patty, not including the bun, cheese and condiments accompanied with a brutal pound of french fries. If you eat it in 15 minutes or less, it's free. So of course Ricker got Danny trying it.

This is a pic of the Chubby Challenge. It looks even bigger in person.
Over 2.5 lbs of food folks!
Danny's fans cheering him on.
The first three minutes were his strongest, he had almost half of it eaten by then.
Soon after, he really started slowing down and even lost a few of his fries into a napkin.

With ten seconds left he still had a portion of the hamburger equivalent to a McDonald's burger and he wasn't looking too good.
I was worried Danny might have to surrender to the Chubby Challenge...

But he powered through it and became the 4th person ever to finish!!
He is now a local celeb with his picture on the wall. Its no challenge for the faint of heart, he had some serious stomach pains for the next 8 hours and couldn't eat another burger for 48 hrs.
Danny gave a beautiful acceptance speech,
"I'd like to thank my mom for raising the hefty son she did. And for the Ricker for making too much food on Sunday dinners and always pushing me to go back for thirds."

Danny with owner "Chubby."
He's a champion at Chubby's.
Now we're starting a detox diet to try and get those years of his life back...


Janeal said…
That's disgusting! And impressive. Did they even give him a T-Shirt or anything? I remember an Even Stevens episode about something like this...
Brooke Self said…
so funny! and looks like you have some fans in Asia as well! haha
The Halls said…
HOLY COW that is one huge hamburger!! Thats awesome!!!
cheryl said…
Danny was amazing. The only thing funnier is watching him on the swings at Lagoon. If you have any pictures of that it is totally blog worthy.
Anonymous said…
I won't be impressed untill you go and try the new challenge. They changed the hamburger so it would be even harder! I beat the chubby challenge......Can you?

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