You Know Your Brother Loves You If...

you look on Facebook and see this young beauty tagged as "Rachel Smart Elder."
To think I wasted all that time Cheerleading.

You know your brother loves you if he hacks into your Facebook account and puts this photo as your profile pic.
Since, I learned from the best I tagged Roman in this.
And Rox in this. Why not get her in on the sibling love?
If you ever need a good laugh just google, "people in spandex." You will not be disappointed. I pretty much just laughed the last half hour of my life away looking through these. I have collected a few of my favs to share...
Yin and Yang
This is Hank.
Anyone looking for a unique family photo? I already own the nude colored unitard if you'd like to borrow it.

All this spandex is getting me excited for Halloween. I've got big plans for my nude suit...


Ash Att said…
bahahah!! rachel! this is SO FUNNY!! im pretty sure im laughing my butt off! haha
Rocky said…
I wanted to pick a favorite but I just couldn't do it. Pretty dang funny.

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