Monday, July 12, 2010

Life of a Random Redhead...

I wish Sarah Hughes could've written this for me instead.

Wake up in the morning, two bulldogs on my bed

My reflection in the mirror alotta red frizz on my head

Eat the breakfast of a champ, Diet Mountain Dew

Grab a kiss from my sweetie then off to UVU.

Courageous on my scooter reaching speeds of 45

Pull up to the school thanking heaven I’m alive.

Student by day, Mexican Restaurant by night

Smiling, piling, serving those hot tamales up just right.

Work hard play harder, that’s always been my motto

Now out to go dancing, end the night with some gelato

Two bulldogs and my sweetie cuddle me in bed

Sleep, dream, wake, repeat eleven lines previously read.


Anonymous said...


Mindy said...

Good Job Rachel! I can't believe you were wanting someone else to write that for you, because your a great writer and poet.

Ash Att said...

bahahah!! that is so funny rach! oh my i loved that.

Sarah said...

Awesome! I love it. You did way better than I ever could. I'm glad to see your readership has reached Asia too.

Rangi said...

Nice poem. You never cease to amaze! I wish I could right a poem that was blog worthy.


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