Recently a bunch of friends and I were able to attend a Portugal. The Man concert at The Venue in SLC. If you haven't heard of them, shame. Look em' up! You won't be disappointed.
They had an impressive psychedelic light show. I can only imagine how sweet it looked to the stoners.
We had to buy matching shirts.
This photo shows you how we were able to squeeze our way through the sweaty bodies to be on the FRONT row. Amazing.
Roxanne has been fortunate enough to see them in concert 6 times.
This was my third concert.
This is Brad...aka Teflon B.
Thanks to this crazy kid for buying me two tickets for my birthday! What an awesome gift, huh? Danny couldn't get off work:( It was such a bummer. So my date for the night was Rox, she's a great concert buddy. Oh and yes that is a drum stick, that was thrown into the crowd, shoved up Brad's nose.
This is a pic of the Smart siblings with lead singer, John, last year at their concert. Sadly we weren't able to get a photo with any of the band members this year. We even ran into them before the show! And *get ready to die of shock* I didn't have my camera with me! So no pic:(
The Smart siblings O'10:)
The group of Portugal Die-hards! Cant wait til next year!


Rangi said…
Thanks for the invite!

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