This story begins with a fleet of four scooters out to conquer the impossible.
Many said we were crazy. They said it couldn't be done.
We were out to set them straight.
We were scootin' to Salt Lake City.
Our Motto: SCOOT OR DIE.
And we almost did...
Danny would impress any bystander with his impressive scootin' tricks.
We call this one, "Man Conquering Scooter."

It wasn't too long before one of the fleet could go no more.

So we put it here for safe keeping and did the only logical thing...

And then there were three.

Its amazing I even got a pic of the fleet of four. Especially with Roxanne driving by herself, it only lasted for about thirty seconds.
We found this little guy when the first scooter broke down. Things were lookin up.
I couldn't help but think of Boldie, bulging belly, bugs eyes, and their personalities are much too similar.
I thought about asking this chap to join? We're always looking to add to our posse.

Roman and Michelle enjoying the journey up to Salt Lake.
Low and behold...SALT LAKE CITY!!! Only short one scooter and one serious exhaust pipe burn inflicted and we were there.

We had fun driving around seeing the different sights in Salt Lake, even if people were pointing and laughing at us. Haven't you ever seen a three headed scooter? At one stop light the car next to us completely missed the light because they were staring at us and taking pictures. Another motorcyclist exclaimed to his fellow biker, "Dude, there are three people on that scooter." It was fun to feel like a celebrity/freak for one night.

Um, Of course we stormed The Capitol by scooter.
After checking into our sweet hotel and eating at Litza's Pizza, we rode up through the avenues and hiked up an uncomfortably steep hill that looked over the city. It was beautiful. It was a really fun and eventful adventure. Even though it took us triple the amount of time it would've in a car, we felt accomplished.


Sydney said…
hahahaha! Rach this is awesome!
Roxanne said…
Ha ha ha SCOOT OR DIE!! great blog rach! :)
Mindy said…
You guys are funny, my favorite is "man conquering scooter".
Brooke Self said…
Loved this! You guys are so innovative. =) I did the 3 people on a scooter once and was so terrified that we would be pulled over! But it didn't happen luckily and we got the same reactions! You were brave to do 3 to Salt Lake!
Rangi said…
That is a scooter epic. Great post!

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