Webelos Extravaganza

This weekend was our Webelos Extravaganza. Over 200 Webelos gathered at the Mutual Dell from neighboring Stakes to learn imperative outdoor skills such as knot tying, fire starting, first aid, tent pitching, and my personal favorite boon doggle weaving. How many scouts did we bring from our Stake you ask? One. Meet Joseph. Our one and only Webelo for the next two months. Its so funny because we started out with 8 boys and slowly one by one they moved up to the 11 year old Scouts. So poor Joseph will have to endure the next 2 months with the 2:1 ratio of leaders to scouts. We have it easy right now, but at this time next year we will have FOURTEEN Webelos!!!! The Bears Leader really has her hands full right now. At our meetings she always has interesting stories,
...we cant wait.
"Brother Elder" and I waiting for the opening ceremonies to start. Its so hard for me to remember to call him that:)

These are some boys from our group of 20 we were assigned to. They kept me laughing all day. They are such a funny/fun age.
This was the Tent pitching class. It was SO beautiful up at the Dell. I couldn't help but remember all the times we went to Girl's Camp up there. Good times with Connie, the Yarn Sisters, Whitney, Rox, Lil, ect. I remembered all the trouble we used to get into, our poor leaders. From stealing our leaders Walkie Talkies and giving false orders to twistie tying their tents shut, we put them through hell. I guess Karma is real. I think I might be running into some of that next year with my 14 webelos.

Random picture, but I think its cool. My hair has gotten beastly long lately.

Danny helping start one of the of fires they taught at the class. He is SO great at this calling. He is such a handyman, I swear he can fix anything! And he loves the outdoors so much, he is the perfect Den Mother (Or is it Father?). Our boy(s) are so lucky to have such an awesome leader. I am learning more about all the different belt loops, pins, and awards every week!!! Good times with the Webelos:)


Rangi said…
Is Danny an Eagle? Nice work regardless.
cheryl said…
You and Danny are perfect Weblo leaders. I love boys that age too. They are so fun and funny. I miss the Dell too. It brings back such good memories. I hope it hasn't ruined the memories for your old leaders when they think of the Dell.
cheryl said…
P.S. I love the new border on your blog.

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