Strawberry Days

Strawberries & Cream...
Oh how I will miss you until next summer. Oh how I will miss the whole week of fun activities and memories you bring every year without fail. However, my hips will not miss thee. Its a good thing its not Strawberry Days everyday because I might be a bit of an addict:)

This last week was Strawberry Days. Pleasant Grove's yearly celebration packed with fun events such as week long carnival, rodeos, baby contests, Huck Finn day, a parade, music in the park, and of course Strawberries and Cream! It is seriously my favorite time of year:)

One of my favorite lines from the Ricker, "I swear I'll be a carnie rat in the next life."
D lish and I at the Carnival. I LOVE the Carnival!!! I love riding all the spinning, twirling, rinky dink rides til' I wanna puke. The world's best, biggest, greasiest corn dogs. The people watching. The Carnie rats with small hands that smell like cabbage. It's the best.
All cowboy-ed up! Danny was so sad he wasn't able to be in the Rodeo this year. Both of his teammates dropped out. He said that if he cant get a team together next year he's going solo. Good luck with that Dan:)
The Smart brothers weren't able to do it because, as many of you know, Rangi really hurt his knee and just got off crutches. They all decided not to do it if Rangi couldn't. Hopefully next year they will all be able to. It makes the rodeo way more fun!
The only Smarts to be found in the Strawberry Day's Rodeo were those in the cash cow event. Rigdon, Livi, Lini, and AnnaBelle proudly represented by chasing the cow covered in cash.
No, this is not me.
Hint* My red headed brothers like to steal my hair extensions.
Mmm! I love me a good set of twins.

Ricker and Cher enjoying the Rodeo
Los Gs
Two of the Wild Cow Milkers and I.
Mills an Rox. If you look close you can see Millie's fangs! Its so funny those were her first teeth. Also, she started walking this week!

Ricker, Cher, and & Grandma Phyl Phyl.
A very angry cow giving a quick jab to Kyle, a kid on Grant's Milking team.

After the Rodeo Ricker and Cher had a wienie roast for everyone. It was such a fun night!

Then we all laid out under the stars talking til everyone fell asleep. Im pretty sure it wasn't til'
about 2:30!

It was so fun sleeping out under the stars. I have never tried to take a photo of the stars, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't have a tripod and the lens was open for roughly 30 seconds so its not as focused as I'd like. I am excited to play around with the tripod and the stars soon.

The morning after we all rolled out of bed and went yard sale-ing. It was the great end to a great week. Can't wait for next year!!


cheryl said…
Rach, thanks for the play by play of Strawberry Days. It is one of my favorite times too. I don't get the "twinner" joke... or maybe I just don't want to.
Rebecca said…
I lOVE this post! You are too cute! I love the first DELICIOUS picture, makes me so sad I missed it :( I love the picture of you and Rox and your mom, how sweet and precious. You girls are all so beautiful! I miss you Rach, glad you are happy and having the time of your life! oxox becky
Britanee Walker said…
you guys always have so much fun, i love it! i missed out on strawberry days this year so thanks for the post!
Rocky said…
Awesome post. I hope the twins picture was referring to the horses. You are a married woman!
Rangi said…
That was the most enjoyable strawberry days I've ever had, especially the Rodeo.
Batash said…
Haha Rachel you're so popular! Someone pinned your photo of the strawberries on pinterest.

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